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The apothecary’s shop visit

The mysterious atmosphere of the 17th-century apothecary’s shop of Baugé

During a 30-minute guided tour, enter the atmosphere of this mysterious 17th-century apothecary’s shop of Baugé, listed as a Historical Monument since 1947. Recognized as one of the richest and most complete apothecary’s shop in France, this former pharmacy is a veritable treasure chest for the medical pharmacopoeia today.

Inside, you will see a collection of more than 600 jars: Hispano-Moorish albarelli, “pots canon”, pillboxes and Nevers “chevrettes”, silènes and glass bottles… on Louis XIII shelves.

Overlooking this collection, the coffered wooden ceiling reveals a starry vault showing the importance of astrology in 17-century medical practice.